Thursday, April 17, 2014

Put Your Trust in Trust CPA

I had a problem and I couldn't ignore it anymore. I am in my 30's and I have been managing my finances on my own my entire life. For some, that isn't a problem. For me, HUGE problem. I'm typical, live now and worry later. However, this is where the PROBLEM lies. It's getting later, and the status of my savings and investments have remained the same. With the pressure of opening a new business and worrying about my family's future, I needed to find a SOLUTION. Lucky for us, I did!

Greg Weisheit: Founder of Trust CPA
Licensed by the State of Ohio as a Certified Public Accountant,
Investment and Insurance Advisor

Lisa Weisheit and her father are working closely with my brother James on his financial future as well. 

I decided to call Trust CPA because I have known Lisa for many years. I set up a consultation and met with her and her father Greg to learn more about what they offer. In all honesty, I was nervous. I was preparing to hire someone to look at my whole entire life, fix my mistakes and plan my future. That's a big deal and pretty personal to say the least. However, minutes into our conversation I felt completely relaxed and confident. You see, Trust CPA uses an equation to determine if our relationship will work. How ironic. I have a problem, I need a solution and they have an equation. Check it out.

You see, if you have a problem , you need to change something. You must discover what is wrong, have a vision for the future and be ready to take the first step. Your desire for these three factors must be greater than your status quo. Well, that is exactly where I am at so this is perfect. I also held on to that little equation so I would remember to apply it to my life.

Moving forward, I decided to start our relationship. We went over the good, the bad and the ugly. I even had to talk about what my plans for my son were if something ever happened to me. Although hard to discuss, it was necessary. Thankfully, Lisa and Greg have a way of making it comfortable and straight to the point.

Now, I have a SOLUTION! With all of their experience and success stories, I feel completely safe having Trust CPA manage my personal and business taxes, securing the right insurance coverage and managing my investments. Trust CPA will help me secure my retirement and my son's future. I trust they will do the same for you!

To schedule your consultation please call
 Lisa or Greg Weisheit @ (330) 723-7241