Thursday, May 8, 2014

Red Lantern Kitchen and Bar: Love at First Bite

I have no words. Ok, Yes I do. I have a lot of things to say but I am so excited about this new concept here at Kamm's Corners in Cleveland, that I can barely speak. Partly because I cannot stop eating but mostly because I am in awe of what the Two Bucks Ownership Group has done. A beautiful and complete remodel of the former Red Lantern, all while preserving the history and even retaining some of the staff members too! Check out what's happening here at Red Lantern Kitchen and Bar.

First things first. Let's check out the Red Lantern before the renovations. Nostalgia was a word that kept popping up during my conversation with one of the owners Cory Rowland. He felt it was important to keep the name because of its long lasting history and reputation in the neighborhood. They've kept certain menu items like the fish fry and even held onto the sign so they can display the letters R-E-D in the restaurant. The Two Bucks Ownership Group even donated the artwork from the old Red Lantern back to the artists family. 

Under Construction............

 Now, the finished product. It's absolutely stunning!

I'm definitely digging the trendiness of the restaurant because it's unlike any other location in the area. It is truly a much needed breath of fresh air. Finally, a place I can relax, have a meeting, enjoy a meal with friends, loosen up after dark and the best part.........bring my family because they have a great kids menu! All fresh ingredients I might add! 

Speaking of food, This is a perfect time to tell you about the "deal sealers". That's what I call them anyway. The creative and absolutely delicious dishes Executive Chef's Chris McCarthy (previous Executive Chef at Bricco downtown) and Brian McNeff (Executive Chef at Two Bucks) prepare are what keep me coming back for more. I always leave not only feeling full and happy, but inspired. Check out some of my favorite dishes, drinks and desserts below.

ShalaMedia's Deal Sealers!

My 10oz USDA Certified Angus Beef Strip Steak was a delightful take on a steak.
Topped with crumbled goat cheese and served with these crispy on the
 outside but so soft on the inside smash fried Yukon Gold potatoes and bacon brussles. 

Ohio City Pasta’s Red Bliss and Wisconsin Cheddar Pierogis served
 with pickled red onion and chive crème. I also enjoyed a barrel aged cocktail
called the Honey Vanilla Bean Side Car and my "usual" the American Mule.

Four barrel aged cocktails getting better with time.

I always order up an American Mule with
Tito's Handmade Vodka. The best!

The Min-Tea! That's a simple syrup and mint
 infused whiskey ball (so cool) in the bourbon of your choice!

The House Bloody Mary made with a homemade mix.

The Peach Old Fashion which is another tasty barrel aged cocktail.
Jameson Irish Whiskey aged with sweet vermouth and peach bitters.

I made some new friends that just recently moved to the area. Jacob and Nicole were excited to find a place that offered wine on tap. They haven't had it since their last trip to Italy. Offering wine on tap reduces waste by not using bottles and cardboard packaging. This is the freshest form of wine since it doesn't mix with oxygen until it is poured into the guest's glass. 

The Red Lantern Mussels are fresh mussels steamed in a white wine broth
 shaved Fennel, hot sausage, and grilled crostini.

The Black & Blue Burger is Cajun dusted and char-grilled with melted blue cheese,
 caramelized onions and arugula. This burger is only $5 during happy hour! Not even kidding!

The 5 Spice Salmon is a 7oz. pan seared fillet over sticky rice with tempura

 broccolini, orange segments, and citrus honey glaze. A seafood lovers dream.

Oh man, this Carrot Cake with a spiced cream cheese
frosting forces me to leave room for dessert!

Hand-crafted Adult Milkshakes YUM! Pictured here are:
 The Kamms Sham, Fire Ballz and Cookie Monster.

Specials including Brunch, Happy Hour and reverse Happy Hour!

Red Lantern Kitchen and Bar is a proud supporter of local businesses like:

For More information or to schedule a reservation at
Red Lantern call or stop in!
17446 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland Ohio

Friday, May 2, 2014

Is Fundraising Beautiful? 2013 Cleveland Have a Heart Charity Bachelor Auction

I would have to say that spending the evening with some of Cleveland’s most beautiful men and women was an incredible thing :) However, beyond the faces, I witnessed a group of amazing people working together to raise money for a beautiful organization called WAGS 4 Kids (Working Animals Giving Service For Kids). During this event I also joined forces with Unite This City to promote the cause and I even got to spend a lil’ QT with our celebrity bachelors. Wags 4 Kids provides children with disabilities a service dog that will assist them with everyday tasks and provide a lifelong companionship. These pups are trained in mobility assistance and as skilled companions to meet the specific needs of each child. Please visit the link to see how you can help!
Unite this City

I was honored when I received the invite to attend this event with Unite This City. Let me start off by saying I love these guys! They are so involved in this community and everything they do benefits all parties involved. A win win situation! From fundraising to utilizing top marketing strategies to help you grow your business, this company is definitely one you will want to join forces with! For $10 a month I receive UTC cash, points for awesome rewards and sizable discounts from some of my favorite places! The UTC app is really cool too.

Christy Lanser and Brandy Bright for UTC

Now, on to the festivities….what a great time! These bachelors were absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of chatting with a few of them and they were so gracious as well as informative. My first bachelor chat session was with Anthony Lima, Talk Show Host for 92.3 FM and Cleveland Magazine’s Top 20 Sexiest Singles of 2013. He was truly down to earth and let me tell ya, he had a great date planned for his bachelorette! Gentlemen, take notes :) The date was to start off with a trip to the spa followed by dinner at Lolita or Fahrenheit, then whisked away in a limo to go see The Backstreet Boys! Pretty impressive evening planned!

Anthony Lima

My next chat session was with 3 players from the Cleveland Gladiators, Derek Steiner, CJ Cobb and Brian Zbydniewski, Derek is the country boy. He was sweet, charming and totally understood why this Mid-Western girl in a dress was drinking Miller Light out of a can. CJ obviously was the crowd pleaser with his unforgettable entrance to Cameo’s Candy while sprinkling the crowd of ladies with Starburst candy lol! Now Brian, this is funny stuff. This guy sat there and listened to me talk about hockey knowing I was clueless to the fact that the Gladiators are actually an arena football team. SMH! The fact he rolled with it and continued to answer my questions was such a noble gesture on his part. I would have been mortified if he called me out :) The best part about all of these bachelors is that they selflessly offered themselves up to any lady out there to benefit this cause! Very Brave!

Derek Steiner, CJ Cobb and Brian Zbydniewski

The Bachelors

As I finished up my interviews I felt a sense a pride for being able to take part in such a fun and fulfilling event! Seeing local celebrities offer there time, local businesses offer their support and the community of Cleveland coming together to support these children is incredible and beautiful! :)

beautybybrown and Brandy Bright with UTC