Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting Fit at EB Fitness

The moment you walk into EB Fitness Club you are
greeted by this enormous logo. It's my favorite :)

With chronic illnesses on the rise, people are starting to take their health into their own hands. We all know that we need to eat well and exercise but going to the gym can be costly, embarrassing and let's face it..... you probably don't get the results you are looking for. From weight-loss to sports performance, EB Fitness Club has got you covered. 

It was hard for me to believe I could find a club that offered all the latest fitness classes, the world's best fitness equipment, guidance from degreed and certified personal trainers, the best amenities, friendly staff members and affordable memberships. Well, I now believe it because I've seen it.

 EB Fitness located in the new Flats East Bank has changed the way I feel about going to the gym, forever. Not only is it the most advanced club I've ever been to, EB Fitness also has a Medi Spa and a comprehensive weight loss program that is proven to give you long term success. However, I'll save those last two for another time because I have too many exciting things to show you! I'll start with the BodyPump event held on the rooftop and finish with a tour of the club. I'm certain they have something for everyone. It also doesn't hurt that they offer free 2 hour parking and memberships that don't break the bank starting at $55 per month. Take a look!


This class worked hard during BodyPump. The DJ played all the right music
to keep everyone pushing through.

Class was held on the roof of the Ernst Young Tower overlooking Lake Erie.

Fresh healthy snacks were provided after the event. Fuel!


This is my host Kelly Robusto, Account Executive at
EB Fitness. She truly made my experience enjoyable and was very
accommodating. It was such a breath of fresh air to meet all of the
warm and friendly staff here at EB Fitness!


This club is gorgeous! Designed by the same world class
designer who designed Disney Europe.


The curvaceous details found throughout the club give it an
open and spacious feel.


Meet Ann and KJ! Both trainers at EB,
 KJ is giving Ann a fitness assessment and
a little encouragement. All of the trainers
are here to help you reach your goals.


It must be noted that EB Fitness offers the worlds first
rope climbing machine, MtEverClimb! Rope climbing
is one of the most effective full body workouts one could do!

No fear, there is enough cardio equipment for everyone! Also, the
weight machines are right behind you. This makes
it easy to integrate bursts of cardio into your weight training
 routine without the wait.


My face says it all :) This was my first time walking on
an incline while pushing 20+ pounds of resistance. My body
wasn't used to this at all which is great! It keeps my muscles
guessing and once again, works the whole body in less time.
Meet Thorotread!


Jacobs Ladder is a low impact, high range of motion machine that provides
an amazing upper and lower body cardio workout. Used by pro sports teams, the Army and the Navy.

I have to be honest. I just like the way this machine looks and how it
has extra weights located on the side. Now I don't have to walk across 
the weight room just to add 5 more pounds to my set.


Hoist Roc-it machines are the best in the world for a reason.
It allows the user to become an integral part of the exercise by continuously
adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm.
I experienced a greater range of motion with the ability to lift a bit heavier.


This is not your typical bench folks.
Performing the same exercises as you normally
would on a Vicore bench, improves balance, core strength,
and agility. To me, this was like a stability ball on a bench. I could
feel this move throughout my whole body.


Here's 1 of the 3 studios for over 50 group classes!
EB Fitness offers more classes than any other club in
Cleveland! No more re-arranging your personal schedule to catch your favorite class.


I thought they only used tires for training in CrossFit? Wrong! EB Fitness strives
to provide their clients with the latest fitness programs and equipment so
you can reach your goals under one roof. KJ, a degreed and certified
personal trainer acquired these tires to incorporate into his programs.

Welcome to what I call, "The Spin Studio". There's only one thing going down in
this room and it's spin class. No bells, no whistles, just pedals.

Ok, so maybe this isn't the appropriate way to practice AirYoga.......
but it sure was fun :) I can't wait to attend a class!

Stretching before Barre and wondering if I would be a
good candidate for TRX. I'm certain this is my favorite studio.

After a day of fitness on an empty stomach
(I know, I'm suppose to eat breakfast everyday)
I was pretty pumped when Kelly introduced me to the mint chocolate chip
Nutrishape Shake. It only has around 2 grams of sugar and 35 grams of 
protein. It was absolutely delicious and I was full for around 4 hours!
 Nutrishape is a comprehensive weight loss program that offers
all of the essential components that are proven to produce long-term success.
Click the link above for more details.

Relaxing with my shake after a hardcore workout. EB Fitness
boasts comfortable areas throughout the club to rest, chat
with friends or catch up on any last minute projects
before you head to work. 

The sauna :) A perfect end to my tour of
EB Fitness, and that's not all folks. They
have a steam room too! With monthly
memberships starting at only $55,
I had to pinch myself. I must
be dreaming :)


An added bonus, they fill these dispensers with Luxury shampoo and
conditioner from Kevin Murphy.


I feel like a million bucks!

The view from the top.

EB Fitness Club
1111 W 10th St #200, Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 458-1000

Behind The Scenes at The Toys For Tots Celebrity Fashion Show

These three Marines were in attendance to support
the 18th Annual U.S. Marine Corps.
Toys for Tots Fundraiser.

What a pleasure and honor to work with Zack Reed, The U.S. Marine Corps., Tre Sorelle Boutique, Fresh Brewed Tees, Erie Shore Photography, Maureen Richard, Erin Haney from MAC Cosmetics, Britt Miller from Aveda Summit Mall, Allen Fee from Q104, Gary Mandalfino owner of Salon Mandalfino and Fox 8 News anchors Wayne Dawson, Melissa Reid and Stacey Frey at a beautiful venue Vada Restaurant and Lounge. Unite This City works hard to make these very special events come to life and tonight was a great success. Brandy Bright head of Public Relations and Sales for Unite This City partnered with City Councilman Zack Reed to organize this entire fashion show. Of course, the general public gets to see the finished product but what about the people behind the scenes? Well, since I got to work as a Make-Up Artist and Blogger for the event.....I captured some images to highlight the hours spent preparing for this incredible evening.

The day begins at Salon Mandalfino for hair and make-up. A huge thank you to Gary for allowing us to work here. Maureen, Erin, Britt and I wasted no time getting the models all dolled up for the show. They were all so beautiful, kind and patient. We wanted to implement the MAC and Aveda winter collections on our ladies and they were great sports for letting us have our way :) Take a look......
The beautiful Maureen Richard
providing make-up and hair
for the event.

Britt Miller for Aveda Summit Mall

Gorgeous Eye Definition

Our model is ready for the runway!

I absolutely adored this model. She is so sweet
and has a beautiful canvas to work on :)

She really rocked that eye shadow.

Britt securing the hair. The goal:
Big and curly.

Erin Haney for MAC Cosmetics applying the
finishing touches on her model.
Team Work!

Finishing Touches

This models lips stole the show! Red can be a
difficult color to wear for some skin tones.
 It was crucial for me to show that where
there is a will, there is a way!

UTC's own KateLynn Elizabeth with the
almighty red lip:)

Britt Miller with UTC's own Danielle Driscoll rocking
my favorite: Aveda's Plum Petals
Lip Definer

After hair and make-up it was time to head over to Vada Restaurant
 and Lounge to meet the lovely Christina Cavotta, proprietor at
 Tre Sorelle Boutique and Allen Fee, host of Fees Kompany. I'm
 pretty sure I fell in love with every dress Christina brought and
Allen was hilarious hosting the fashion show!

Christina is an absolute doll and her fashion sense is stellar!

Allen Fee, host of Fee's Kompany on Q104

Now on to my favorite part of the evening........THE FASHION SHOW! I was so excited to see how all of the behind scene's work held up on stage. Covering the event was Kristel Hartshorn, entertainment reporter for
Kristel Hartshorn

Melissa Reid and Wayne Dawson from
Fox 8 News


Stacey Frey and Melissa Reid from Fox 8 News
with Allen Fee.

The beautiful Austreeia rocking Aveda make-up and escorted
by her fiancĂ© John Hughes. Both Models are sporting
clothes from Fresh Brewed Tees

Erin Haney from MAC Cosmetics styled
this beautiful model with a gorgeous hot
pink lipstick. It matched her dress
 from Tre Sorelle perfectly!

Leah Haslage from TV 20 with make-up
provided by Erin Haney.
Will Ujek from Channel 3 News and Will Burge
from the Bleacher Report wearing
shirts from Fresh Brewed Tees

I just can't get enough of those red lips on
Amanda Hassan, owner of
The Nauti Mermaid
My BF Kristen Nelson even
joined our celebrities
on the runway!

KateLynn knows how to work the runway!

Head to Toe GORGEOUS!

Brandy Bright for UTC with our models.

My head is still spinning from all of the fun and fashion! As always, I am impressed with the out pour of donations and support from our community. It's a beautiful thing when we can come together and create a brighter day for children in need!

 If you would like to donate to Toys for Tots
please visit the link below.

To find out how you can give back to our community and Unite This City, please visit the logo below!

Shally B for UTC